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July 7, 2006
Parker High School - Dr. L. P. Hollis
1948 Parkerscope
Dedication to Dr. L. P. Hollis
Friends of Pete Hollis
  The 1948 Parkerscope is dedicated to Dr. L. P. Hollis, who is responsible for the successful beginning of Parker High, and who has been a part of this school for twenty-five tears. He began his career in the Parker School District in 1923 as Superintendent.
A far-seeing man with those sterling qualities that make him an inspiration to those with whom he comes in contact., Mr. Hollis has set many a student on the road to success.  By his untiring devotion to the people of this community he has made life easier and more enjoyable for them.
Newspaper Articles
1948 was the 25th Anniversary of Parker High School
1948 Parkerscope
A Word from Mr. Hollis
  The growth of parker High School has been phenomenal.  When we started here, twenty-five years ago, we had fifty-five pupils enrolled.  Our enrollment of sixteen hundred makes us at present the largest high school inthe state.

   It is the plan of the trustees to build two junior high schools for the district.  It is hoped this will be done as soon as building conditions are improved.  In the meantime, we are erecting a building here with sixteen classrooms to take care of the emergency.

   It is the ambition of the school to develop well-rounded girls and boys.  That is the reason for building Camp Parker at Blythe Shoals and for our trips to various places.  We feel that the well-rounded citizen should have an interest in life as well as books.
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Tim L. Cathcart
July 7, 2006
Dr. Lawrence Peter Hollis, B.A., LL.D.
(From a portrait by Margaret Moore Walker)