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July 9, 2006
Taylors High School 
Main Street
Taylors, South Carolina
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abt. 1917   vs.  1952 
Renovation plans for the Taylors High School campus
Taylors Community Proud of Grammar School
December 13, 1936 - The Greenville News
Memories of Old School Linger
April 30, 1981 - The Greenville News
-  In 1880, a one-room school building was moved from Chick Spings to Taylors, S.C.
-  About 1895, a new three-room building was built for the Taylors school.
-  In 1916, property was purchased at a new location on Main Street and construction began on a new 2-story building.
-  The new building, first occupied on January 15, 1917, had 4 classrooms on the first floor and an auditorium on the second.
-  Construction of a red brick, colonial building, with white columns, was completed in Aug 1936.
-  The 1936 building was both an elementary and a high school until 1960 when Wade Hampton High School opened in Greenville.
-  The schoolhouse burned in December 1945 and was rebuilt.
-  From 1960-1981, the building was the home of Taylors Elementary School. 
-  In 1981 the school moved to a new location on Reid School Road, leaving the campus on Main Street empty.
-  The Greenville County School District sold the property on November 12, 1986. 
-  The property again changed ownership on November 6, 1987, when it was sold to The Academy of Arts.
-  As the 1900s came to a close, the red brick colonial building was still standing on Main Street...  although empty and in need of repair.
21st Century brings changes
Renovation plans for the Taylors High School campus
1953 Cheerleaders
Alma Mater

Far above fair Enoree's waters
with its waves of blue
stands our noble Alma Mater glorius to view
Lift the chorus
Speed it onward
Loud our praises tell
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Hail to Taylors High
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July 9, 2006